A family group of experts who collectively hold a wealth of skill and experience; specialising in transformational change for organisations, individuals and educational institutions.


Genesis Consultancy works with companies to support a shift in conversation, language, systems and practice, which embed equality frameworks, from front-line operations, through to board level.

Our unique approach involves working with people, process and systems to build a robust equality and diversity framework that is incorporated into the organisational design of institutions and businesses. Genesis Consultancy provides specialist expertise; including racial justice, consultative support, learning design and programme development. These ecosystems support workplace health and culture allowing it to thrive.


A 360° implementation suite of services that provides companies with bespoke sustainability plans and strategies to ensure equality and diversity infrastructures are in place and at the heart of their organisation. This approach ensures staff support and development, fosters retention, sustains high performance and overall positive mental health and well-being.

Through modern and transformative methods our suite of services includes;

  • Organisational design and development

  • Equality in Practice

  • Equality and Diversity Framework development

  • Anti-Oppressive Practice

  • Public speaking and Communication 

  • Women and Leadership

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching for TEDx talks

  • Executive coaching

  • Bespoke Masterclasses


In addition, Genesis Consultancy hosts ‘Our Space’; a virtual online event for Black African and Caribbean heritage communities to come together, hold space and discuss a range of topics pertinent to our lives and well being.

  • We work with organisations to develop ways they can translate equalities policies, such as race, sexuality and gender, into practice across their workforce.


  • We work with educational institutions and young people by creating spaces for open dialogue to transform their relationships to themselves and their career pathways. 


  • We work with current and future women leaders

  • We work with boys and young men on diverse topics, including; well-being, mental health and masculinity

  • We work with organisations and institutions to introduce intersectional approaches to transform their culture of work, and expand business outcomes

Whatever you require, our services are bespoke to your needs.. What are you waiting for? Talk to Us! 

Genesis Consultancy is the trading name for Think Tall Consultancy Ltd. 

Registered Company in England and Wales (12053139)