Our Space

Our Space provides online gatherings for our communities of Black African, Caribbean and African heritage folks, to have a safe space to speak about those things that matter to us. We are multiple communities, including disabled, queer, younger, older, non-binary, faith, no faith and alchemy folks. We create dedicated spaces in which people from our specific communities can come together, by us, for us.

  • 22 Jun, 19:00 – 20:30 BST
    Part 1 was so good, we listened to your feedback and we're bringing Part 2! What does money mean for you? Do you work for it, or does it work for you? Let's talk in Our Space
  • 20 Jul, 19:00 – 20:30 BST
    When did you learn about sex? Did your parents/ elders talk to you about it, and did it meet your expectations? Something that connects us all? Is it a taboo topic in our communities? What is the block to those 3 letters? Let's talk in Our Space

Past Events

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