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We are a family group of experts specialising in transformational change for individuals, organisations and institutions.


Our planet remains woefully unequal and at Genesis Consultancy we continue to work towards developing equity for ourselves, societies, and the world. We help to create a shift in language, systems and practice, where  bespoke equality and diversity strategies such as race, gender, sexuality and disability are embedded at the heart of your infrastructure, frameworks and processes. This places people at the center, strengthens sustainability, and ensures staff support, development, and retention. Our unique approaches build ecosystems that transform your workplace, its practices, systems, health and culture. This addresses inequality, fosters positive mental health and well-being, allowing people to thrive and feel taken care of.

We work with organisations and institutions to introduce intersectional approaches to transform your culture of work, and expand outcomes.

Our suite of services include: 
  • Equality in practice programmes

  • Organisational development

  • Policy review and anti-oppressive frameworks

  • Board development

  • Women in leadership

  • Ending violence against women and girls programmes

  • Collective care and wellbeing

  • Community collaboration and advocacy

  • Supervision, coaching, teaching and mentoring services

  • Coaching for TEDx talk 

  • Workshops exploring masculinity and mental health

*Plus additional services

Contact us and we can chat more about your bespoke needs.

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What People Say

"Brilliant, interactive discussions. I feel enlightened by this experience and better educated in equalities. Things that would not be discussed or identified are being looked at with safe solution-focused discussions."

- Senior Leaders, Equality Session

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Genesis Consultancy is the trading name for Think Tall Consultancy Ltd. Registered Company in England and Wales (12053139)